About the Journal

Indonesian Quarterly publishes research articles and viewpoints that present original, persuasive, analytically rigorous, clear and concise argumentation on crucial policy matters facing Indonesia, the region, and beyond. With a strong emphasis on rigorous analysis, interdisciplinary approaches, and policy relevance, IQ welcomes submissions from various disciplines, including economics, political science, international relations, social sciences, and more. Articles published under the Indonesian Quarterly may examine Indonesia's economic development, political dynamics, social challenges, environmental sustainability, or other pressing strategic issues, combined with a production of a policy-oriented analysis with the aim of offering actionable insights.

Papers submitted to the IQ will undergo a meticulous peer-review process by esteemed experts in the field of their topics. Accepted articles will benefit from the journal's wide readership, influential audience, and high academic standards, ensuring your research reaches policymakers, academics, and thought leaders. CSIS IQ provides the ideal platform to showcase expertise, foster policy dialogue, and impact Indonesia's socio-economic development.